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FoundCare, Inc. is a private, not-for-profit, community health center located in the heart of Palm Beach County.  The Health Center began operations in January 2004 and has since grown rapidly  in response to the high level of community need for accessible, affordable, high-quality healthcare.  



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Our goal as a community health center is to provide comprehensive quality health care to our patients. Please contact us for an appointment or stop by to schedule your health care visit.
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Join us for a FREE Health education class every other Thursday from 5-6 PM. FREE food and beverages!

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Being a kid isn’t always as easy as adults think. Children may not have to go to work, but they do have to deal with peer pressure and growing pains while trying to fit in. It’s hard enough growing up when you have loving parents at home to hold you
"The state of a child's teeth affects their overall health," said Bill Quinn, director of health services with FoundCare. "If we can prevent cavities in baby teeth, we are better able to prevent cavities in their adult teeth."
West Palm Beach, Fl -- Dozens of doctors volunteered their time Saturday to help hundreds of low income families.
Over 120 seek health care at FoundCare Health Center on Saturday, Feb. 11th. FoundCare participated in the county wide, Medical Home Day, which included 11 other sites with more than 1,100 seeking medical care.
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