FoundCare Health Center Founders

Our founders had a vision to open a state-of-the-art health center to serve all patients - regardless of their ability to pay. We credit the visionaries below and invite you for a tour of their dream come true, FoundCare Health Center. Thank you. 


Dr. Wedler A. Alexandre John A. Foley Donna Mulholland
Claire J. Arnold Fortin Foundation of Florida Patty Myura
Audrey and Martin Gruss Foundation Melvin Fowler Office Depot Foundation
Board of Directors and Staff of the Comprehensive AIDS Program (CAP) George F. Baker Trust Melissa Parker
Yanick Bonnet Delayne Gold Rik Pavlescak
Yolette Bonnet Tim Henderson Quantum Foundation
Kimberly and Peter Bozetarnik Marcia Howard Thomas Quick
Clem Brandenburg Intracoastal Health Foundation Frances Scaife
Mark Brentlinger and Bryan McDonald J.M. Rubin Foundation Anjette and Fred Scheiman
Michael Calhoun Janirve Foundation Lesly Smith
Susan and James Collins Sheila C. Johnson Patt Sned
Jeannette M. Corbett Peter M. Kelliher, II W. Trent Steele
Lydia Crozier John Kluge The Village of Palm Springs
David Dashev A. Peter Krings Sandy and James Thompson
Jean Deyermond-Meisenzahl Larry Leed James V. Tigani, Jr.
Dr. David Dodson Elise and Mark Lefkowitz Bruce and Robbi Toll
Dr. Tony Drayton Daniel and Lyn Lerner Gullan Wellman-Albert
Barnette and Ken Druskin Lost Tree Charitable Foundation William Elias and Louis N. Cassett Foundation
Eleanor Patterson Reeves Foundation Mark Lowham and Joseph Ruzzo William H. Donner Foundation
Bret Elhilow Tony Mack William Pitt Foundation
Dame Celia Lipton Farris Greg Mermigas Ethel Isaacs Williams
Florida Community Health Centers Mark Montgomery Shari Winkelman
Florida Credit Union Danielle Moore Lori A. Woodley


FoundCare Before FoundCare After