Mission Statement:  To provide and promote education, advocacy, and compassion to individuals and families infected and affected by HIV and AIDS in Palm Beach County.




Comprehensive AIDS Program of Palm Beach County, Inc. (CAP) is the oldest, largest, minority- based non-profit organization dedicated to serving people living with HIV/AIDS. Founded in 1985 by a group of concerned friends and family members of people living with AIDS, the agency has grown to serve all areas of Palm Beach County through three service centers staffed by more than 100 professionals and volunteers.

CAP provides a full range of case management to HIV-infected individuals and a variety of prevention and risk reduction programs to the community in settings including prisons, county schools, on the streets in high-risk neighborhoods, in health settings, substance abuse treatment centers, methadone clinics and others.



Family members of clients, as well as the general population who do not have medical insurance or who lack access to primary medical care can now receive those services through CAP’s sister organization, FoundCare Health Center.