Drop-In Center

Located at 2330 South Congress Avenue, the Drop-in center is open to the public every Wednesday and Thursday from 10 AM – 2 PM.  

The center provides a safe, comfortable haven away from home with social activities, support groups and other activities for adults living with HIV/AIDS and their families and caregivers. 

Drop-in center activities are occasionally offered in our Belle Glade location, please call (561) 996-7059 for more information on the Belle Glade location.  

The Drop-in center is a safe place for people to talk to each other and get away from their daily life and out of their house.   In addition to the social setting the Drop-in center offers lunch and learn sessions. 

Question and Answer session with our Drop-in Center Coordinator:  

CAP: What is the Drop-in center?

Coordinator: The Drop-in center is a safe place for people to talk to each other and get away from their daily life and out of their house.   It’s a place to get an education on HIV/AIDs.


CAP: Who can visit the Drop-in center?

Coordinator: Any adult can come to the center. Most people that come are HIV positive or are caretakers or family members of HIV/AIDS patients.   We are open to the public and all of the clients are very open to meeting new people. 


CAP: What services are offered?

Coordinator: The center is mainly a social place for people to get together to talk to each other about their disease or other issues. Some people just chat while others play games. We usually do a potluck lunch where the clients bring in food to share and some weeks we have pharmacies or other medical spokespeople come in to speak to the group and they provide the food.  


CAP: What does it cost?

Coordinator: Nothing, the Drop-in center is completely free of charge. 


CAP: Why is the Drop-in center important?

Coordinator:   The clients speak to each other while at the drop-in center. Many of the clients have made great friendships with other clients. Everyone is really friendly. It is also a time when clients can meet-up with their CAP case managers to discuss any issues. Everything is very confidential. 


CAP: How to clients get to the center?

Coordinator: We have a really good public bus route that drops people off right on Congress in front of our building.   


CAP: Is there an age limit?

Coordinator: Yes.  The center is open to all adults, age 18 and older.


CAP: How many people attend? 

Coordinator: Typically 20-25 people come each week. 


CAP: Is there anything the center needs?

Coordinator: Yes, we are hoping we will get at least two computers. Many clients do not have computers so it is important for them to be able to get online to access sites and fill out forms for Food Stamps and other services. 


CAP: What’s coming?

Coordinator: The support center was just furnished with beautiful furniture and we will soon be offering yoga and massages to the clients.