HIV Prevention:  With no cure and no vaccine for HIV, HIV prevention through education is the only way to stop the spread of HIV and AIDS. CAP offers a variety of prevention education programs for the community to learn about HIV/AIDS, and to educate individuals how to reduce the risk of infection as well as how to practice safe sex.  Through these programs CAP teaches community members to recognize their individual risk of infection and make healthier decisions in order to reduce that risk.

CAP staff participate in health fairs, street fairs, workshops, forums, nationally proclaimed days for HIV/AIDS awareness and community-wide celebrations and festivals as well as conduct street outreach in high-risk neighborhoods.  We also collaborate with local businesses to promote prevention and education.  Call (561) 472-2466 for more information on our prevention activities and click here for a list of upcoming prevention activities
Why Get Tested?
HIV is a frightening virus and is one that can be very harmful if not diagnosed and treated. HIV does not discriminate against age, race, gender, religion, or beliefs. Anyone practicing unsafe sex and/or drug use is at risk. Today, though, there are new therapies and approaches available that allow people living with HIV to maintain a long, healthy life. The only way to be sure of one’s status is to get tested. The test is free and confidential and results are ready within twenty minutes.
CAP offers FREE confidential HIV testing at our three office locations as well as at various locations throughout the community.  Click here for testing schedule.
HIV 104
CAP ofers a FREE HIV 104 class to healthcare professionals and the public. The HIV 104 session is a 4-hour class that is designed to provide individuals with a basic understanding of the history, origin, immunology, transmission, testing, prevention, medical treatment, social, and legal issues relating to HIV and AIDS.
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