HIV Testing



CAP offers both confidential and anonymous HIV testing FREE to anyone ages 14 and older. Confidential rapid HIV tests are offered at all three of our office locations and anonymous tests are offered at two of the three. Results for a rapid test are available in less than 20 minutes and for an anonymous test are available two weeks after the initial appointment.

All tests are administered after a pre-test counseling session in which our certified counselor will work with the client to assess his/her specific risks and discuss options for reducing those risks. Once results are given, our counselors offer appropriate additional information as well as make any necessary linkages and/or referrals.

Testing is available at CAP’s offices located in West Palm Beach, Belle Glade and Delray Beach.

Testing is available on a walk-in basis or by appointment. To schedule a Rapid HIV Test, please call us toll-free: 888 -41RAPID (888-417-2743)

Office Location Type of Test Available Days Available for Testing Times Available for Testing
Belle Glade Rapid Confidential Monday-Friday 8AM - 2PM
Delray Beach Rapid Confidential and Anonymous


9AM -12PM
2pm - 4PM
Palm Springs Rapid Confidential and Anonymous

Mon, Wed, Fri
Tues, Thurs

8AM - 4PM
8AM - 7PM


Belle Glade Office

Delray Beach Office

Palm Springs Office

1500-A NW Avenue L

220 Congress Park Dr. Suite 100

2330 South Congress Ave

Belle Glade, FL 33430

Delray Beach, FL 33445

West Palm Beach, FL 33406

(561) 996-7059

(561) 274-6400

(561) 472-2466