Healthy Families Build Healthy Communities

Health Services Include:


Family Practice Immunizations
Pediatrics Diagnostic Labs
Well Child Checks X-Ray
Women's Health Pharmacy and Drug Assistance Programs
Infectious Disease Eligibility Assistance and Navigation
HIV Testing and Medical Care Mobilie Mammography Coordination
Immunizations And much more...

Today, more than ever before, families are struggling to access primary and preventive healthcare.  There are thousands of working families in our community whose employers offer little or no health insurance.  Other people have lost their jobs and can’t afford expensive COBRA premiums.  Still others have serious health concerns that insurance companies refuse to cover. We are talking about single moms, children and seniors. FoundCare's Health Center serves as a healthcare home for its patients.  By offering preventive and educational services to patients, the health center establishes long-term relationships with patients and their families, and targets patients who used to seek healthcare only when in acute crisis.  FoundCare's Health Center promotes early awareness of health risks that occur more frequently in the target population and provides access to screening, early diagnosis and treatment.

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