Services for HIV Positive People

Each year CAP provides services for hundreds of people infected with HIV/AIDS throughout the county. Highly skilled case managers perform a comprehensive assessment for each client to determine the client’s needs, provide information and resources and create a plan. We connect clients to physicians, give our clients access to medications, substance abuse programs, government programs, mental health support and other supportive services--to help improve their health.

CAP Client Services Include:

  • ARTAS serves people who are newly diagnosed with HIV.
  • HIV Treatment Education engages and educates HIV positive people about their disease, treatment and the importance of adhering to prescribed treatment regimens.
  • Client Services link clients with HIV/AIDS medical and support services that range from medical, lab, transportation, housing, financial assistance and other support services.
  • The drop-in center is a safe place for people to talk to each other and get away from their daily life and out of their house.