To our Patients:

FoundCare will work to facilitate easy access to our patient’s personal clinician for routine and acute/urgent health care needs, and to facilitate the same-day appointment process to assist patients in scheduling their appointments.

We will do so by implementing the set policies listed below.

  • FoundCare will accommodate same-day appointment requests whenever possible. Each calendar working day, the health center will have at least 30 minutes of reserved and open appointment slots for an established patient’s routine and/or acute care needs.
  • Management will work with appropriate clinical and administrative support staff to ensure ongoing compliance with this policy, and to analyze data and design interventions to reduce the time to third next available appointment. Such analyses and interventions should be reported to the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Committee.
  • Health center management will ensure each provider’s schedule template includes easily identifiable slots that are to be reserved for same-day use only. These slots are to be made available to established patients for either routine (primary/preventive) or acute/urgent care as requested by the patient.
  • Same-day reserved slots must not have appointments booked prior to the time the health center opens on the applicable business day. This includes the practice of “double booking” appointment slots, as this practice defeats the purpose of reserving same-day slots.
  • All routine or acute/urgent requests for appointments received within two hours of the health center’s scheduled closing time may be scheduled for an appointment the following day if no same-day slots are available.
  • Walk-in patients will be assessed according to existing triage policies and procedures, and will be offered same-day appointments as appropriate and available.