Children with Healthy Sleep Habits Have Brighter Futures

A recent study by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) showed 52% of children are not getting enough sleep. Responses from 49,050 surveyed parents and caregivers with children ranging in age from six to seventeen years old, indicated that children who get 9 hours or more of sleep were more likely to demonstrate measures of childhood flourishing in comparison to children who did not.

How to Manage Stress with Self-Help Techniques

Stress can make you feel worried, irritable, depressed, angry, or unable to focus. Physical signs of stress include trouble sleeping, upset stomach, headaches, weight gain or loss, frequent or more serious colds, and tense muscles.

5 Tips to Cope with the Holiday Blues

Provided by FoundCare’s Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Sharron Frederick

Being overwhelmed by high expectations, distressed by money woes, and the stress related to the holidays can bring anyone down, especially those prone to depression. Depression is a mood disorder that may affect how you think, feel, and act. During the holidays, it can be especially hard to act cheerful when you’re just not feeling cheerful.

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